Saturday, February 4, 2012

January overview

I decided to go study more anatomy. Because, let's face it, I suck at it. Even though I like drawing doodles and cartoon-like styles. I still find the need to understand what I'm drawing to the very core of it all. So here are some I did while reading about the Reilly Method and muscles in the Torso:
I just copied drawings while reading up on them as you can see. But as long as I understand, that's fine for now. And I can review them when I'm at a loss with what I'm drawing again. It's normal for me to forget.

More Gesture Drawing:
That's my great lola(grandmother) Memeng with the headphones. She's needs headphones to hear the TV. She puts menthol patches on her legs since they hurt sometimes. Green jokes make her laugh the most once in a while. She's on her mid 90s and tells me that she looks too old in this drawing.

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