Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dragonfire sketches

Attended an event called DRAGONFIRE: SKETCHMOB, a live drawing session organized by Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School Manila and Sketchwalk PH (you can look them up in facebook). The theme was for the Chinese New Year.

5-minute sketches:
These are warm-up sketches, so they say. I think they pretty much define what I can do within 5 minutes and apparently not enough. Maybe the way I curved the lines just took longer.

10-minute sketches:

Having been annoyed from the last 2 sketches, I wanted to do find a quicker way to capture the pose quickly so there's more time to fix details. Then I remembered a saying that straight lines can give a stronger look. I think it did help on the clothes. The girl on the right suddenly looked African. Sorry about that. 

And I'm not really satisfied with where I was positioned drawing Ms. Africa. It might be nice to start drawing on a whim, but there really are times when I have to think about where to sit. I just ended up asking myself midway, "What the hell am I drawing?..." Planning everything beforehand is always an advantage and I haven't seen any way for it to be a disadvantage so far.

20-minute sketches:
A lot more time to refine them. I also got the hang of using straight lines. Girl on the left wasn't really posing with her shoulder near her cheek. I thought it would be more appealing that way. Girl on the right, my friend was doubting if she would draw the pose. maybe too seductive for her? Anyway, I just drew on and she actually turned out cute in the end.

Happy Chinese New Year!

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